How to choose the best camp stove or BBQ?

how to choose the best camp stove

When you’re camping, cooking meal at night and hot coffee in the morning infuses your camping trip with more flavour. From s’mores to pasta, you’ll need to bring a stove. But what kind of stove to bring depends on many factors: How light do you want it to be? How versatile? Do you need a stove that simply boils quickly or do you want one that simmers?  How many people are you cooking for? Are you going to be traveling internationally and what type of fuel will be available to you?

Type of stoves

The type of stove you pick will depend on what kind of camping you’re planning on doing. Some are better for car camping, others backpacking or day use at a picnic. There are two main types of stoves:

  • Car camping stoves: Designed for people driving to a campground. If you’re looking for this type of stove, what type of chef are you? Do you just want to make basic meals or do you also want to cook on a grill or fire pit?
  • Backpacking stoves: Great for hikers carrying everything in their pack. Also good for bike trips and kayak touring. Do you need an easy to use do-it-all stove, or do you need something more specialized for harsh conditions or ultralight thru-hiking?
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